Benefits of these marketing techniques

It is important to note that the configuration of related products in online stores is usually done for each product individually, not at the general store level. In this way, the configuration options are more flexible and precise. Now, when do I have to use one technique or another. Is there a predefined action plan? There is actually nothing stipulated about when you should do one or the other. It will depend on the situation you find yourself in. your mission is to study it and think which is most profitable for your business. Perhaps if you have a superior product in stock. Let’s put ourselves in context with some situations. If a client has bought a mobile phone from me. we have to ask ourselves if we are interested in suggesting the next model when it finally comes out. Sending them an email after a while for example. In this case we would be doing Up Selling .


How to put them into practice benefits of these

There are usually two ways to select related products: automatically or manually. The systems show similar Buy Cell Phone Number List products taking into account the characteristics or attributes of the product. Such as categories, labels, brand, etc. In some more advanced cases. Algorithms based on user behavior are even used. Cross Selling: The systems show complementary products according to the purchasing experience of other users who have already purchased that same product. Manual systems (You select the most relevant products yourself) In the case of Up Selling. If we are selling the iPhone 12 and we want to compare this product with others that we sell in our online store. We will select as related products the iPhone 12 pro, which is more expensive, the latest Samsung model. We have 100 stock and it is difficult for us to sell more.

How to put Cross Selling and Up Selling into practice


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We have already named some situations in which we can find ourselves with this marketing technique. However par excellence that takes the gold medal Chet Data and that generates a large amount of income for the company ; almost more than selling its main product. Computer as one of the best and most powerful equipment on the market. It’s not that they only sell you a mouse and headphones separately. Offering you a “super deal” if you add it to the same order at the last minute. The business is when you turn on your new computer and see that you need various basic programs and software for the equipment to function correctly. In the Apple Store installed on your computer, and of course with its corresponding price for each application.

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